All method. No madness.

It's great to keep something complicated on track and under control. It's even better when you can apply the same logic to your day-to-day. Here's a breakdown of my approach to work - something I carry across all of my projects and campaigns.

Strategise and plan.

Before kicking off any project it’s great to understand the problem and audience. It’s the ideal time to identify the steps required to reach our goals and how we’ll measure success.

Who are we trying to reach? What is the aim? How will we make it happen?

Execute and share.

I love to get my hands dirty and always ensure I communicate every step of the way. I break down what each stakeholder needs to know and explain how it may impact and benefit them.

How might this disrupt people? What can we do to overcome that?

Analyse and improve.

Dig through the data delivered by reporting platforms like Google Analytics and Litmus to gather meaningful insights. Kick it off with some curly questions and follow through with actions.

What worked? What didn’t? What could we have done better? How will we do better?