As VP of Product Design at Facebook, Margaret is kind of a big deal on the internet.

She’s also worked at YouTube and Google, making big changes along the way. Here are the three main insights I gained from her TED talk – Designing at a global scale.


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The little things really matter

As someone who is all about the detail, this was exactly the validation I needed. Margaret mentioned in her TED talk that one designer spent 280 hours working on the 2014 version of the Facebook “like” embed button. That’s a solid seven weeks!

Margaret’s talk was a great reminder to zoom in and check the detail. Consider where the product or element will be placed. Ask what’s the context? and what are the limitations? It’s the little things that make a huge difference.

Bridge the gap between data and design

Ever wondered what prompted those emotional options when reporting a photo or removing a tag? Yep, it was data. Digging a little deeper helped the designers to realise that users needed different tools to resolve issues. By providing specific message structures Facebook helps users remove awful photos of themselves without drama. For me this validated an approach I already take. Jump in to the data and look for things that don’t make sense. It’s okay to find problems… so long as you can design a solution for them.

The little things really matter

People can become very efficient at using bad design. Change can be good in the long run. Introducing change carefully allows users to get on board quickly. For me, this doesn’t just apply to external customers, but internal users as well. Giving them the information they need in easily digestible formats always helps gain their buy-in more quickly. At Next Byte, I did this with campaign packs, cheat sheets and calls for each campaign. At Goodlife I worked with Club Managers to roll out the new website and address any questions they had about functionality, member benefits and club specific pages.