Skills to pay the bills.

Working in a variety of roles has taught me a lot - including what types of hats suit me! Here is a breakdown of the skills and tools I use to work my magic. I'm always eager to add to the list.


During my time at Next Byte I regularly planned and managed campaigns on a national and local level. At Absolute Board Co I stepped it up a little – executing campaigns for major sales events. These were rolled out across three major brands, in a multitude of languages and locations.

You can read more about my process here.


Cutting Edge and Goodlife both taught me the value of a reliable project manager. Being able to stay across a number of moving parts is critical to the success of a project. Whether it is a rebrand, fresh website build or app design I can keep the cogs moving and ensure the project is delivered.

I believe that great projects are delivered through collaboration and communication.


Put me on the tools and I have the technical ability to manage websites, email marketing, acquisition campaigns and more. If there is something I’m not across I can pick it up in no time.

You can read more about the technical skills I have by scrolling just a little further.

Tools in my kit.

Although not listed here, coffee also plays a key part in helping me make magic.


For me, Google Analytics and UTMs play a crucial role in campaign analysis and benchmarking. Search Console gives me a better understanding of site performance and search. I turn to AdWords and Business to own the zero moment of truth. I bring it all together every day and continue to find new ways of using Google tools for marketing.

Content management.

One of the great things about being digitally focussed is being able to see campaigns come to life across platforms. I’m confident in a number of content management systems, including Wordpress, Sitecore, Squarespace and Magento.


Having worked in B2C environments, I’ve learnt that there is real value to be found in an engaged subscriber database. Sharing the right content, with the right recipient can be tricky – but I have the know how to make it happen. I have experience establishing and growing databases, automating programs, and crafting comms that prompt action.