This weekend I spent some time at IRL Digital Festival, an amazing event that combines the best of video games, technology and art. As I was wandering around I came to a few realisations – and it wasn’t just that I really need to practice my Street Fighter skills.


Skye Dwyer IRL digital Festival

Inspiration can be found everywhere – especially at IRL Digital Festival.

This piece by Boneface left me breathless. He created it based on a prediction by David Smith of gaming company, Media Molecule. David envisions a world where people become increasingly disconnected as they spend more and more time on their screens, eventually entering a Virtual Reality comatose. Our bodies will need robots to tend to us, until they grow sentient and destroy us. Dramatic? Yes. Thought provoking? Yes. Surprisingly relevant? Yes.

I don’t work with video games; I’m a Digital Marketer. But David’s prediction and Boneface’s art made me wonder if there is a way to bring people closer together in real life, via their screens. I began to think of ways that my work could bridge this gap. Then saved the piece to see if I could integrate that killer colour palette into a campaign. In the end, I walked away completely inspired.


Skye Dwyer IRL Digital Festival

The future is right now.

As I watched people of various ages strapped into VR headsets at IRL Digital Festival I realised that the future really is right now. Facebook, Google and Sony have all joined the VR race, and with predictions of hardware sales hitting $66 million in 2016 it won’t be long at all until there are some serious commercial applications for the tech. We’re a long way to go – with some major technical hurdles to overcome. In the meantime it’s pretty exciting to think forward to the impact VR will have on Marketers – and vice versa.


Skye Dwyer IRL Digital Festival

Collaboration is easier than ever.

IRL featured an art exhibition by iam8bit. There were some incredibly talented contributors from all over the world, and to see them all come together for an instalment in (not so) little Brisbane was truly refreshing. It also raised a bigger point for me; the world is such a small place now. It’s so easy to find talented people and reach out to them. I’m really excited to collaborate more and see where it can take me.